About the Founder - Eddy and Rita

About the Founder

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I started up my online business RedBirdUnlimited for a few reasons, but mostly because I needed more flexibility to care for my son after he was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease. But that's not the whole story.

See, when my son got his diagnosis, I knew we would need to make some adjustments. We had to get him special glasses and extra tutoring support, and before long it became clear that college would be expensive. So after taking on a part-time job and doing some budgeting magic, I decided it was time to start up my own business so that I could provide for us in the most flexible way possible.

That's why you'll find the name of my online business is RedBirdUnlimited - because it felt like there were no limits to what I could do! From selling custom t-shirts to other unique products, this little business has taken off and allowed me to give my son everything he needs without shirking any of his dreams or worries about money.

But it hasn't all been easy; running a business can be stressful as well! Just recently I had a hilarious incident when one of our custom-printed shirts had the wrong font size on the back… which meant you could read something completely different depending on which way you held the shirt! It was funny at the time (and still is) but thankfully all our customers were understanding and kept their sense of humor intact too.

So if you're ever wondering why someone like me would go out of their way to launch an online business while also taking care of a kid with Stargardt's disease, now you know: It's because sometimes life gives us circumstances that require us to exercise our creativity and resilience – even when things get tough! And luckily RedBirdUnlimited has been able to help me do just that while also giving me the freedom and flexibility to take care of what matters most.

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